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Gas Fireplace Calgary

Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces are a great choice for Calgary homes. They are an excellent source of heat on cold winter nights and they provide a cozy ambience as well. Best of all, gas fireplaces require minimal maintenance. At Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd., we provide gas fireplace installations in Calgary for many different types of gas fireplaces. We've put together a guide to help you decide what type of gas fireplace is right for you.

Do You Have an Existing Wood-Burning Fireplace? If you have a wood-burning fireplace, then it's easy to upgrade it to a gas fireplace with a gas fireplace insert. The insert goes directly into the existing fireplace cavity. Homeowners in Calgary choose Valor gas fireplace inserts because they are safer than wood-burning fireplaces, don't require power to operate, are much lower maintenance, and more cost-effective for zone heating. How Much Heat Output Do You Want? Gas fireplaces in Calgary have a wide range of possible heat outputs, from as low as a few thousand BTUs to tens of thousands of BTUs. If you mainly want a gas fireplace for the look and ambience, then you likely won't need a high output. However, if you want to effectively heat a larger space, then you'll need a greater output. What is Your Budget? As you start considering your options, it's important to set a budget. This can help narrow down your search and give you an idea of what you can comfortably afford. A gas fireplace insert, for example, will typically be more affordable than a built-in gas fireplace in Calgary. Prices also vary based on output, size, and on the type of gas fireplace installation. What Style Do You Prefer? Your gas fireplace should complement the look and style of your surrounding furniture and decor. Thankfully, built-ins and gas fireplace inserts are available in a large array of designs. Whether your home has a more contemporary or classical style, you'll have no trouble finding a fireplace in a style, colour, and finish to match with your design preferences and to suit your budget. What Sorts of Features Would You Like to Have? Gas fireplaces come with a variety of different features that give homeowners more control over how their fireplace functions. Some features that you may want to consider include: • Variable temperature control that allows you to change the heat output. • An adjustable gas valve for easy temperature adjustments. • No power required, giving you a back-up source of heat. • The ability to adjust the height of the flames, and that legendary Valor radiant heat. Start Enjoying the Benefits of a New Gas Fireplace in Calgary Is it time to enhance your home with the warmth, style, and convenience of a Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace? Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. has been providing gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts in Calgary since the 1980s. In fact we are the oldest Valor Dealer in Alberta. We carry a full line of quality fireplaces in modern, traditional, and transitional styles in a variety of sizes and with many useful features that will put you "in the comfort zone". If you have any more questions about what type of gas fireplace is right for you, just contact Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. today.


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