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Control Your Fireplace Remotely With Valor 10 Mobile App 

Does getting up to turn your fireplace on/off seem like a hassle? With Valor 10 mobile app, this won’t be a problem for you anymore. There are select valor gas fireplaces that offer the convenience of operating them remotely. The intuitive and interactive feature in these fireplaces allows a user to control them using the Valor 10 remote app, easily available on Apple Store and Google Play for compatible devices. Explore the various features of Valor 10 mobile app, including the ability to program your fireplace, integrate child safety locks, or set a countdown timer.


Please note that the Valor 10 remote app only works for gas fireplaces compatible with the GV60WiFi system, which includes the Valor 10 remote control and a WiFi receiver box. Want to know more? You can visit the product’s site here, or you can contact us and share your questions. We will be happy to address your concerns regarding gas fireplaces in Calgary and resolve them.


Let our team help you find answers to all your questions regarding the product.

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