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Home humidifiers are very effective in preventing dryness in air by producing moisture and making your room warmer. They not only prevent airborne viruses but also help relieve allergy symptoms. When it comes to choosing high-quality home humidifiers in Calgary, count on Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. We provide an affordable range of humidifiers suitable for your needs.


What is Humidification?


By definition‚ humidification is the addition of water vapour to the air in order to control the drying out of substances. Most substances such as wood‚ leather‚ plaster and the human body are hygroscopic‚ which means they absorb or hold moisture. Metals, for example, are non-hygroscopic. Moisture flows from a substance with a higher moisture content to one which is lower. Consequently‚ dry air draws the moisture out of substances.

What Are Its Benefits

Residential home humidification offers many benefits to you, your loved ones and even your pets. By creating moisture in the air, a home humidifier will be very useful for you, especially in the cold, dry winter months. Benefits of residential home humidification include:

  • Alleviate dry skin

  • Help fight sickness

  • Help ease asthma symptoms

  • Help save money on heating bills 

  • Preserve your home’s appearance

  • Good for wood floors


Residential Series R1E Humidifier

Self-contained and requires no other fan system. Accurate to the limit of the humidistat; requires minimum maintenance and offers ease of cleaning.

Model HFL Series Humidifier


Welded stainless steel construction‚ low voltage controls‚ temperature high limit‚ feed water pressure switch‚ manual drain‚ di–electric union.

Residential Series R1E Humidifier

Banish Dry Air from Your Calgary Home - R1E

Residential Series R1E Humidifier

The dryness of air depends on its moisture content and temperature‚ thus the definition of relative humidity (R.H.) which is the ratio of the amount of moisture in the air over the amount that the same air can hold at a certain temperature. With proper humidification, a balance between the moisture content of the air and substances in the air, including the human body, is maintained, thereby eliminating problems such as:

  • Dry nasal passages and skin
  • Cracking and deterioration of furniture and finishes

Advantages of Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. Humidifiers

  • Long life as a result of stainless steel construction
  • Minimum maintenance & ease of cleaning
  • Reliability of few moving parts
  • Capacity is constant since scale is shed from element on cycling‚ dropping to the tank bottom‚ leaving the effective water surface unobstructed
  • Manufactured in Alberta for 40 years

Optional Accessories

  • Wall brackets
  • Humidistat
  • F.G. enclosure
  • Discharge grille
  • ¼ tubing (4ft)
  • Saddle valve
  • Disconnect switch
  • Spare parts

Model HFL Series Humidifier

Enjoy Year-Round Humidity Control in Calgary - Model HFL

Humidifier Model HFL

Our welded stainless steel humidifiers are designed to provide uncompromising performance and withstand hard water conditions. Our exclusive external float control system will provide years of dependable operation. These exceptionally effective humidifiers deliver a pure‚ sterilized steam vapor‚ free of moulds or bacteria. These rugged humidifiers are fully compatible with today’s sophisticated heating and control systems‚ providing year-round humidity control automatically. Our unique cylindrical shape creates a large evaporative surface while using the smallest volume of water‚ providing a constant capacity and increased efficiency.

Available in two physical sizes and 10 different capacities‚ Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. humidifiers can handle the largest custom homes‚ including homes with multiple heating systems. Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. has been serving families for over 40 years‚ so ask your heating contractor today about an Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. humidifier for your home.


Because Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. steam generators have a positive and sustained capacity‚ various arrangements and control options are available.



  • 1. Steam is piped directly from the steam generator to the injection manifold grading horizontal lines toward the manifold.
  • 2. Humidistat activates generator on demand (24V).
  • 3. System fan must be operating while humidifying either through continuous operation with an air flow providing device (air pressure switch)‚ or by interlocking the system fan motor with the steam generator heating element (120 or 230V coil).

Standard Features

  • Welded stainless steel construction
  • Low voltage controls
  • Temperature high limit
  • Feed water pressure switch
  • Manual drain
  • Di-electric union
  • External float


  • Injection nozzle
  • Remote humidistat
  • Auto flush system
  • Full line strainer
  • Pressure reducer
  • Diverting valve

You can also count on us for heating solutions such as fireplaces and patio heaters. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to drop by the store and speak with us in person.

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From fireplaces to humidifiers select from a wide variety of products and brands.

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