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home steam bath

Home steam baths are gaining popularity in recent years with its many health benefits. They present you with the same benefits as provided by a spa or steam room. Being a close contained unit, home steam baths are easy to maintain as compared to a sauna. If you are looking to install steam baths in Calgary, get in touch with Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. We build our own humidifiers and steam boilers for over 50 years. We also have been providing residential and commercial fireplaces since 1963.

Some of the benefits of a steam bath are: 1. Improves Blood Circulation Steam bath improves your blood circulation by allowing easier pathways for blood vessels to transfer blood across the body. It also reduces blood pressure and improves your heart health. Home steam bath also helps repair broken skin tissue. 2. Improves Skin Detoxification Steam bath opens the skin's pores and improves overall skin complexion. With sweating, your skin detoxifies and cleanses from all dirt and dead skin. Steam moisture can rebalance your oily skin to help it unclog and cleanse. Along with rejuvenating your skin, steam baths can hydrate dry skin. 3. Joint Health Steam bath helps warm the muscles and joints providing them with flexibility. They also reduce joint pain and help ease stiff joints. Steam baths are known to help your muscles relax and improve the soreness of muscles. 4. Improves Sinuses Home steam baths break the congestion in your sinuses, nasal passages and lungs. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, a regular steam bath can help you breathe easier. They might also provide you with temporary relief from respiratory symptoms. 5. Aids in Weight Loss Steam baths can aid in reducing excess water weight. Though for weight maintenance, a balanced diet and proper exercise is required. Also, when you exercise, your heart rate is elevated. A steam bath can prolong the heart elevation which helps you burn calories. It’s important to note that you have to keep drinking water to avoid dehydration. 6. Reduces Stress Steam bath decreases the cortisol levels reducing the feeling of stress. The function of the hormone cortisol is to regulate stress levels in your body. Steam baths are also known to encourage relaxation and well-being. They might also help with improving your sleep patterns. 7. Control Mood With reduced stress, steam baths are also known to help improve your mood. Steam baths can increase serotonin level to help regulate your mood. 8. Boost immunity Steam baths reduce discomfort and boost immunity. They stimulate leukocytes that help you with bacterial infections and boost your overall immune response. Make sure you drink enough water before and after using the steam bath. Dehydration can come quickly with steam baths. Some of the tips to take a steam bath are:

  • Avoid having a steam bath immediately after consuming food. Your body will focus on digesting the food, having a bath immediately might affect your digestion

  • Do some light exercise to increase circulation and release some toxins from your body

  • Steam bath can be taken for 5 to 20 minutes depending on your comfortability

  • Take a shower after a steam bath to close the pores and restoring your body’s temperatures

Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. provides steam bath repair in Calgary. We also offer installations of quality home comfort products, including gas fireplaces, humidifiers for commercial and residential applications. Contact us today for a reliable home steam bath installation.


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