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Outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces can be a wonderful addition to homes. Installed for warmth as well as ambiance, they transform backyards into cozy living spaces. Extend the living area in your home by adding an outdoor gas fireplace.

You will be surprised by how much time you and your family will be spending outdoors. They can come in a variety of designs and heat outcomes. Before you start exploring the options, you may want to decide on the design first as furniture and landscaping could determine the most suitable options for you. We have listed a few key points to consider before buying a fireplace in addition to some of the benefits of Gas as supposed to Wood-burning fireplaces. Benefits of Having an Outdoor Gas Fireplace They have many advantages than just being a beautiful addition to your home. From hosting parties to relaxing with family in the backyard, outdoor fireplaces are appropriate for a number of occasions. Here are a few of the many benefits of having one in your backyard: Provides entertainment space – Outdoor fireplaces can create a focal point around which people can gather and interact. When incorporated into thoughtful landscaping designs, they extend the available party space from inside to outside. Just make sure to keep everyone safe by adding a free-standing screen or outside door. Increasing your home’s value – The addition of an outdoor Gas fireplace to your living space can greatly improve its resale value. This is because your home will be more marketable as they will stand out to buyers. This is especially true for properties without an indoor fireplace. Useable all year round – It’s not just winter when you can enjoy sitting around an outdoor fireplace; It can be used throughout the year. Transform your Halloween nights and even Christmas Eve with the comfort and warmth of an outdoor gas powered fire. Better for the Planet - Gas Fireplaces are better for the environment when compared to wood fireplaces. They burn 100 times cleaner than wood and are an energy-efficient option for a steady radiant outdoor heat. Highly Customizable Options – Whether you prefer a built-in option or a two sided one, Gas fireplaces come in a variety of styles and sizes. Choose between ceramic or steel burners, and select your favorite insert. Planning the Basics for Outdoor Fireplaces They demand a proper assessment as Gas Fireplaces must have a fixed pipe system connected to it. Unlike the indoor options, you need to install weatherproof enclosures to ensure your fireplace doesn’t wear out over time. Consider the purpose – Reasons for installing a Gas Fireplace may vary. One of the factors can be related to the heat output. If you throw large parties and want to have a fireplace for look only then consider one with low heat output. However, if you’d like to have a fireplace to heat the ambient the options would rather look different. Regardless of your reason, Gas outdoor fireplaces can be easily customized to your needs and are available in many designs. Determine the size – The dimensions of your fireplace should be scaled to its surroundings. Consider whether you want it to complement an already stunning vista or to be the focal point of your backyard. Ensure plenty of space is there in front of it for friends and family to gather around. The benefits and advantages of a Gas Fireplace can no longer be denied. When compared against wood-burning fireplaces, it becomes clear that overtime your investment will not only be beneficial to your pocket but will also be good for the environment as well. Convenience with comfort with the desired aesthetics, Gas fireplaces make a good argument for a new addition to your home! Let Alladin-Air Manufacturing Help We are Calgary’s oldest authorized dealer of Valor Fireplaces. We are a proud family-owned enterprise who has been in business since 1963. Have a look at what we do and for information on preparing your home for winter; read our blog post - HOW TO PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR THE CALGARY WINTER SEASON. At Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd., we offer sales and installation in Calgary of quality home comfort products, including fireplaces, humidifiers and steam baths. Our expert staff will patiently learn your needs for providing solutions beyond expectations. Call us to learn more about our cost-effective services.


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