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Fireplaces in Calgary Alberta

Getting your home properly prepared for winter in Calgary is a must. The winter season here is long and can have numerous periods of extreme cold. Homeowners need to take the necessary steps to make sure that the cold weather doesn't damage their homes and that their homes are properly heated. At Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd., we help homeowners heat their homes by providing gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts in Calgary. We've put together a guide to help get your home winter-ready.

Prep Your Furnace Your furnace is going to have a lot more work to do in the winter. You should change your furnace filter if you haven't already done so in the past three months and perform a thorough inspection. If you notice any maintenance issues, make sure that proper maintenance is carried out before extreme temperatures hit. Inspect Your Roof The main line of defence between winter weather and your home is your roof. Every fall, make it a habit to go outside with a pair of binoculars and inspect your roof for any signs of damage. Missing or broken shingles can quickly lead to a roof leak, as can cracked flashing around vents and chimneys. Clean Your Eavestroughs Another important step to preventing roof leaks is to clean your eavestroughs in the fall. If your eavestroughs are clogged with dirt and debris, then water won't be able to drain properly. The water can then freeze and build up on the edge of your roof, forming an ice dam. Insulate Your Pipes During one of Calgary's periods of extreme cold, uninsulated pipes in unheated areas are very likely to crack or burst. A burst pipe can cause significant water damage, so make sure all of the plumbing in your garage, your crawlspace, and around your home's exterior is properly insulated. Inspect Your Windows and Doors Drafty, leaky windows and doors can cause high heating bills because they force your furnace to work harder. It's a good idea to replace old and damaged weatherstripping on your external doors. You can also seal your windows with caulking and with a weatherproofing plastic film. Use a Humidifier The team at Alladin-Air Manufacturing suggests using a humidifier for home each winter season. Maintaining proper humidity levels can reduce your heating costs while providing numerous health benefits. Get in touch with our team today to install your next home humidifier today. Invest in a Gas Fireplace for Effective and Efficient Heating Traditional wood fireplaces are very inefficient, losing much of their heat up through the chimney. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, are highly energy efficient and can help lower your heating bill. A gas fireplace in Calgary can also be a great backup in case your furnace breaks down during a serious cold spell. If you have a traditional, wood-burning fireplace, then you can easily retrofit it with a gas fireplace insert. Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. provides a wide variety of gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts in Calgary and the surrounding area. You can also count on us for quality fireplace installation to ensure that your new fireplace will provide effective and efficient heating for your home. To find out more about our gas fireplaces and installation services, don't hesitate to contact Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. today.


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