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Gas Fireplaces in Calgary

The fall and winter always cause a spike in home heating bills in Calgary. At Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd., we provide gas fireplaces in Calgary, so we know a thing or two about home heating. Here are our top 10 tips to help you reduce your heating bill this year.

1) Turn down the thermostat Turning your thermostat down just one or two degrees can net significant savings, so try bundling up in a thick sweater and your favourite fluffy socks instead of increasing the heat and turn up your gas fireplace. Reduce your energy consumption with zone heating. 2) Consider a programmable thermostat A programmable thermostat allows you to set a predetermined heating schedule that automatically turns down the heat when nobody is home or everyone is sleeping. It is well worth the small investment. 3) Replace your furnace filter Most furnace filters should be replaced every three months. A dirty furnace filter decreases your furnace's operating efficiency, which causes it to use more power to supply the heat you need. 4) Don't let the heat escape Take care to keep your windows and doors shut as often as possible during the winter to keep heat inside. If you'd like some fresh air, then consider a brisk walk outside! 5) Let in the sunlight Calgary's strong winter sun can be a big help to heating your home during daylight hours. Keep your window coverings open to take advantage of the warming rays. 6) Inspect your weatherstripping Old weatherstripping can let a lot of cold air into your home, causing your furnace to work harder. Inspect and replace any weatherstripping that is looking worn or damaged. 7) Seal your windows Next, turn your attention to any drafty windows. You can seal air leaks with a special type of plastic sheeting that you'll be able to find at just about any home hardware store. 8) Make sure your heating vents aren't covered Heating vents can become inadvertently blocked by furniture. Make sure that all of your vents are clear to help your furnace run efficiently and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. 9) Seal your ducts If your home has leaky heating ducts, then a lot of the heat you want in your living areas will get lost along the way. Sealing your ducts is an easy way to save some heat and money. 10) Consider a gas fireplace insert Using a gas fireplace in Calgary is a great way to save on your heating bill, and it is much more efficient than using a wood-burning fireplace. If you have an existing wood-burning fireplace, then you can have it retrofitted with a gas fireplace insert. You'll get to enjoy better heat distribution and a lower heating bill. Efficient Gas Fireplaces and Gas Fireplace Inserts in Calgary Want to make your home feel warmer and save money at the same time this winter? You've come to the right place. Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. provides new fireplace installation as well as gas fireplace inserts for Calgary homes that have a wood-burning fireplace. We'll help you find the best heating solution for your needs. If you're interested in a new gas fireplace for your home, don't hesitate to contact the team at Alladin-Air Manufacturing Ltd. today.


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