health benefits of humidifiers

What Are Some Health Benefits of Humidifiers in Commercial Buildings?

Two of the major contributing factors to indoor air quality are humidity management and the ability of the building to compensate for the climate. Poor management of these factors can attribute to several health and environmental concerns for occupants of any age.


Humidifiers can help improve the management of indoor air quality. Now, you may be wondering exactly how you may be affected. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of humidifiers.


Why Is Commercial Humidification Important?

When people think of humidifiers, their mind often goes to humidification at home. What we don't consider is commercial humidification. We can all benefit from humidification when we're out enjoying our daily lives at local businesses. And, it's especially important in the workplace.


Canadians spend on average 40 hours a week at work and that's often in commercial buildings. That time increases, even more, when we are out and about outside of work and home. Commercial buildings have a lot of time to affect our health.


Healthy employees are a must because when we feel better, we work better. That means less sick time and easier recovery.


What Are the Health Benefits of a Humidifier?

Poor air quality affects our bodies in many ways. The health benefits of using a humidifier vary but are great in number.


Built-In Moisturizer

Low humidity levels have a harsh effect on our skin and hair. Certain skin conditions such as psoriasis can worsen due to dry and cold climates. One of the major health benefits of warm mist humidifiers is that it moistens our skin and hair.


By adding moisture to the air, you'll help cure dry skin, hair, cracked lips, and even dry and scratchy eyes.


Improved Airways

Dry air often causes unproductive coughs. With more moisture in the air, you'll be more capable of clearing your airways effectively and, in turn, getting well sooner with the release of phlegm.


Our nasal passages are lined with tiny blood vessels. These vessels help warm up the air we breathe in, creating humidity. When the air is dry these blood vessels can become irritated and cause nose bleeds, dry cracked nasal passages, and more blowing. Humidifiers can help prevent this from happening.


Prevents Flu

Research has shown that when humidity levels are above 40% viruses are quickly eliminated from the environment. In commercial buildings, many people are coming and going with the chance to cough or sneeze and spread germs.


This is one of the major health benefits of air humidifiers. Eliminating the risk of flu and other viruses should be a top priority when it comes to keeping the occupants, including customers and employees, safe.


Improved Sleep

Humidifiers can help with improved sleep as well. This is largely due to the alleviation of other dry air symptoms such as dry skin, nasal passages, and the prevention of sickness.


They can also help with snoring because when our nasal passages are moist, they work more effectively. This might not just help the snorer but those who have to sleep around them as well!


Improve Your Life With Health Benefits of Humidifiers

These small things can have a big impact on the quality of our lives. With the health benefits of humidifiers, we can improve our overall comfort and well being.


If you are interested in making improvements in your air and life quality, contact Alladin-Air today to get to work on your commercial humidification in Calgary!